A note from Bowtie Founder Zach Janicello

After filming weddings for over 5 years, I have learned a few things — often through trial and error. As a business owner I tried expanding Bowtie in different ways to increase our profitability and reputation. I tried growing a large team, doing as many weddings as possible and accepting every offer that came our way. In hopes that it would pay off for our business.

However, after doing that for a while I felt like we were loosing our passion for filming weddings, and I personally wasn't satisfied with the overall product (I'm a bit of a perfectionist at heart). After some intentional reflection time, I knew something had to change. The way I was running Bowtie wasn't sustainable or personally fufilling. So, I forced myself to get really honest about what I wanted. I came back to the drawing board and asked why we were doing this in the first place? I came up with four non-negotiable values for Bowtie:


1. We want to meet amazing people.
2. We want to create unique, beautiful, and overall top-notch films.
3. We want to help couples remember and enjoy their wedding day when watching their film, not one or the other. (This is a stylistic guide)
4. We want to have enough bandwidth that we can invest ourselves fully into each project.

In order to meet all 4 of these values with Bowtie projects — we needed to make some adjustments. Somehow our business needed to be simpler and more focused. So after a lot of brainstorming, conversations, and coffee consumption I have decided to simplify our business in 3 main ways:


First — We are removing our 5 package offerings and instead replacing them with 1 simple package (with a few add on options of course). We based this package on what we we've seen most couples enjoy the most, and the kind of film we know we can crush!

Second — We've set a new rule for ourselves. We only film 10 weddings a year. This is a significant cutback for us, but 10 seems to be our magic number. It allows us to have enough time and space to fully invest our energy into each couple's story, and get into specific details during editing.

Third We have increased the investment price of our films. This was a necessary result of our second choice to take on less clients. We know this means we won't be the best fit for some couples — and that's ok. We would rather work with fewer couples who know we're a great fit for them, and let those who aren't the right fit find someone who can serve them best! There are a lot of great companies out there.

We're confident that this new model is not only sustainable for us, but will ultimately help us create better films for our couples. If we sound like you're kind of people, lets talk!  We'd be honored to work with you.

Zach Janicello
Bowtie Films